Helping You Build Your Energy Efficient Dream Home

Better homes create better lives and making the decision to build your own home rather than take one ‘off the peg’ takes a lot of serious thought. The amount of time and work involved in planning, designing and building your own home can be vast but the results can be amazing. We understand that every self build project is unique, one of a kind and undeniably special.

Frame TechnologiesTM can help at every stage of the process to create your dream home. Our range of timber technology and bespoke services are ideal for the self builder looking to turn a concept into a reality. We can easily integrate with other construction methods including brick and block, stone and other timber frame systems.

We have a very specific service for self builders so get in touch to discuss your plans for the future and what Frame TechnologiesTM can do for you.

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Why Frame Technologies?

Frame TechnologiesTM is best known for delivering energy efficient homes specifically to the self build market throughout the UK. Please feel free to speak to our self build team about your next build – they will be happy to assist.

  • Delivering energy efficient homes as standard
  • Flexible approach to customers' requirements
  • Bespoke solutions to suit your design
  • Insulation solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Sustainable materials
  • Robust Supply Chain


Get a quote – it couldn’t be easier

To begin our simple quotation process, send in your drawings and supporting information direct to us at Frame TechnologiesTM or email:

We accept drawings in both .DWG and PDF format. Depending on what stage of your project you are at, we can provide two different types of quotations.


Made to Order

Please send us the latest finalised architect’s floor plans and section drawings in .DWG format, together with window and door schedule and information relating to thermal performance. When we receive the above we will create preliminary drawings. These are produced for the timber frame and issued for client approval. Any extra costs must be confirmed at this stage so they can be accommodated within the final design.

The approval of the preliminary design sets a 'design freeze' enabling Frame TechnologiesTM to progress into the manufacturing stage. Any changes made after the design freeze will affect the delivery date and may incur additional costs.  The final construction drawings are issued to the client for their record keeping after completion of erection and handover on site.


SAP / Code Compliance

Frame Technologies can assist in helping you achieve a wide range of building code requirements and excellent U-Value calculations including air pressure testing, so you can achieve the highest possible rating for your project. Where planning legislation dictates, Frame TechnologiesTM can assist by offering:

Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) and SAP calculations – work should not be commenced on site until the ‘as designed’ calculations have been submitted to Building Control. Upon completion, an ‘as built’ assessment is required and should also be submitted to Building Control together with the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Please speak to us for more help and guidance on SBEM and SAP.

Frame TechnologiesTM can also help with the creation of Energy Statements to give guidance on building fabric performance and the sourcing of sustainable materials to achieve high BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) ratings. We can also advise on improving the building fabric to reduce the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER)


Energy Efficiency (Fabric First Fit & Forget)

Insulation is crucial to any domestic energy efficient home. Modern building regulations dictate high levels and improved standards of insulation. This is critical to reducing heating bills, less fuel consumption and improved climate care.  Timber is a naturally insulating material and, combined with additional insulation can give U-values as low as 0.09 W/m2K.

Factory-fitted insulation now comes as standard in our drive to help our customers achieve the best possible rating for their building and optimise overall build efficiency.  If your project demands, we can supply your timber technology components and insulation separately for onsite build.

Frame TechnologiesTM carefully consider the sustainability of all of the materials we use.  The traditional (non-natural) insulation materials we supply have been selected to be as eco-friendly as possible by sourcing locally and choosing manufacturers with a high awareness of their responsibilities to the environment.

We have many insulation options available but speak to us and we will help you find your optimum solution.

Mineral Wool (Glass or Stone) – this delivers zero rated Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and the structure of the finished product allows the rolls to be highly compressed when packed, reducing the amount of transport required.  Both glass wool and rock wool have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5 and an A1 Fire Rating.  Options include onsite fitting by Frame Technologies or supply only.

Sheep’s Wool, Hemp and Wood Fibre – these natural products are sustainable, renewable and safe to handle without specialist equipment.  We supply standard sized rolls making installation quick and easy.  All products are breathable, will naturally regulate moisture and temperature and have zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). Supply only option available.

Recycled Paper – made from recycled newspapers, we install recycled paper insulation by spraying or blowing it onto walls or into cavities.  This method reduces the potential for gaps and will provide excellent airtightness. This option has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a negative Global Warming Potential (GWP) and will require onsite fitting by Frame TechnologiesTM.

Rigid Urethane with Foil Facings – manufactured locally, less than 10 miles from the Frame TechnologiesTM site, the manufacturing process produces no CFCs or HCFCs and delivers zero rated Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Options include factory fitted or supply only.



Airtightness measures of the amount of air leaking from your home. A building with poor airtightness will lose a significant amount of heat as warm air escapes. Warm, damp air leaking into the fabric of the house can also lead to condensation. Current Building Regulations have a minimum airtightness of 10m3/h/m2.  To achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3, an airtightness level of 3m3/h/m2 is required.

Frame TechnologiesTM is able to exceed both of these specifications with airtightness as low as 1m3/h/m2, should your project require it.

  • With the need to control air leakage as defined in Approved Document L of the Building Regulations, we can supply effective barriers to assist in the reduction of air leakage, which includes:
  • Membranes and/or tapes for sealing joints or apertures around building services.
  • Airtightness detailing in critical areas such as intermediate floor to external wall panels.
  • Battens to form service zones to reduce the need for penetration through the barriers.
  • By using OSB sheathing on internal face of external walls then taped gives excellent results.


Site Visit & Delivery

Once the design process is up and running and nearing completion you will be contacted by one of our Site Install Managers in order to arrange a site visit.  Besides meeting with your appointed Project Manager and establishing your new point of contact for the construction phase, the purpose of this visit is to assess: Site access & conditions for deliveries on artics, possible obstructions, scaffold requirements and any other potential consideration.

Foundations are a key element to a smooth project. Foundations should be set out using the approved soleplate drawing as this will ensure that the timber frame will fit precisely. Foundations should be installed to line and level tolerances of +/- 5mm. Again this will ensure a good fit during the erection process. Please make sure these are checked prior to the arrival of the timber frame

Scaffold details are provided within the quotation documents but should also be discussed at the initial site meeting with your Project Manager. It is usually a good idea for your scaffolding contractor to attend the meeting. Any concerns you have during the build should be raised with your appointed Site Install Manager who will monitor and control the erect process.

Once complete we will arrange a sign off meeting. This process provides an opportunity to review the build, inspect and raise any concerns or queries that you may have prior to handover of the structure to follow on trades. During this meeting we will complete a thorough checklist ensuring that the structure complies with the strict tolerances and standards that we are required to work.  


Financing your project with BuildStore Mortgage Services

_175x70_BuildstoreObtaining finance is one of the biggest challenges that self builders will face - with roughly two out of three self builders needing a mortgage to see their project through.

While all major lenders will offer finance for timber frame properties, we recommend your first point of call when seeking a mortgage should be BuildStore Mortgage Services - the UK's self build and renovation finance experts.

Why? The reason is simple - you will not find a wider selection of mortgages and exclusive deals, as flexible or as well-suited, to the specific finance requirements of your timber frame project anywhere else.

Flexible funding options, tailored to your project

To fund your timber frame project, you will need a stage payment mortgage which releases funds as your build progresses. There are two types of mortgage, defined by when you get money during the build: Traditional arrears stage payments and Advanced stage payments. BuildStore
can help you assess your cash flow to determine which type is right for your needs, and arrange the right solution for your project.

Advance Stage Payments

The Accelerator mortgage from BuildStore is ideally suited to timber frame projects. The key difference is that money is released at the beginning, rather than the end of each build stage AND you get the cash to fund the early stages of your build, including land purchase, frame deposit and the erection of your timber frame project.

The BuildStore Difference:

  • Borrow up to 85% of your land and build costs
  • Stay in your current home until you have finished your new one
  • Receive your money when you need it to pay for materials and labour
  • Negotiate better deals and keep workmen on site by having the cash to pay your bills
  • Choice of leading lenders, products and competitive interest rates
  • Advance stage payments available

Say yes to flexible funding options, tailored to your timber frame self build project - ENQUIRE NOW

With BuildStore Mortgage Services, you will have more money, enhanced cashflow and greater flexibility during your project. For expert advice on financing your timber frame project, simply complete the enquiry form or call 0345 223 4888.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. For arranging self build and custom build mortgages, BuildStore charge a fee of £695. £95 is payable on application and a further £600 on offer. For all other mortgages BuildStore charge a fee of £395 which is payable on offer.

Document Reference: MAB 7648


Finding land with BuildStore PlotSearch

_175x74_BuildStore_PlotSearch_LogoSelf Building begins within finding the right plot of land. For your land finding needs we recommend PlotSearch which is the UK’s premier land finding resource which you can subscribe to for FREE!

PlotSearch is the UK’s largest and most accurate database of self build opportunities for your timber frame property with over 8,000 genuine building plots available. What’s more, planning permission is guaranteed.

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Why subscribe to PlotSearch?

  • Over 8,000 genuine building plots
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