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Why Frame Technologies?

Frame Technologies employs innovation in timber frame design to deliver premium energy-efficient homes to the UK self-build market. Our adaptable approach to customer requirements supports our bespoke solutions to suit each individual self-build design. With our robust supply chain, our design, manufacture and insulation solutions can be tailored to your exact specification.

We create timber frames to ensure adaptable, cost-effective, structurally stable precision-engineered and aesthetically pleasing, low carbon buildings. Here are the main reasons why Frame Technologies provide the ultimate services for self-build timber solutions.

Speed of Construction and Minimised Weather Damage

Frame Technologies manufactures timber frames for self-build houses, a process that is approximately 30% quicker than traditional brick and block, concrete, steel and aluminium construction methods. The speed of timber frame construction allows builders to ensure structures are weather tight as quickly as possible, minimising weather damage that is more likely to occur in traditional building processes.

Timber frame construction is popular in many parts of the developed world, from Sweden to Canada, to the USA, to Japan. This is because timber frame structures are precision-engineered and quality-assured and because construction is not weather dependent. This means that project planning is more predictable and building processes run efficiently – internal works can be carried out at the same time as external finishes. The average four-bedroom house can be erected and made watertight within one week.

Thermal and Energy Efficiency

Frame Technologies offers guidance on building fabrics to achieve optimum thermal performance and supplies a full range of insulations that can be factory fitted into timber frame panels.  We deliver a low carbon approach for reduced costs and maximum comfort, developing thermal performance and airtightness testing for timber frame houses. We work to improve thermal performance in self-build homes to ensure a reduction in heating costs of around 40%.

Cost Benefits

Timber is lightweight compared to other building materials, meaning that building foundations are amongst the most cost-effective. As the Frame Technologies’ production environment is factory controlled, direct construction costs, total project costs and ongoing life-cycle costs are significantly reduced.

Precision-engineered and quality-assured timber frame systems do not rely heavily on sub-contractors, ensuring economic material use, minimised waste and improved health and safety. All timber frame systems are manufactured in our factory environment to heighten project efficiency, minimise delays and reduce time and disruption onsite. Pre-insulated external wall solutions with cutting-edge energy performance reduce energy consumption across the lifetime of the home.


As the UK’s fastest growing construction method, timber frame is the popular route to green, environmentally-conscious structures. Sustainable materials are core to meeting the latest Building Regulations and delivering high-performance building solutions up to Passivhaus standards (where briefs specify).

Frame Technologies assist in the creation of energy statements, meeting SAP compliance standards and achieving excellent U-Value calculations, such as air pressure testing to deliver the best possible rating for projects.

Timber technology allows Frame Technologies to commit to environmental best practices and corporate social responsibility. Our Fabric First approach facilitates thermally-efficient building envelopes that do not rely on expensive energy-saving bolt-ons.

Environmental Benefits

Frame Technologies source timber from well-managed forests with full traceability.  We pride ourselves on our excellence, which shows in our quality-controlled manufacturing processes.

Timber frames minimise waste, and timber waste that is left over is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Design Flexibility

Founded to meet the exact requirements of self-builders, Frame Technologies’ timber frame structures create an ideal basis for modern, energy-efficient homes. We offer full supply and installation packages using our own TechVantage™ systems to build the ideal home for you.

Timber frames facilitate the build of bespoke layouts with numerous external finishes. We respect that every project is truly unique and will fully tailor the timber structure to your requirements.

Technical Services

Our experienced team are only a phone call away when you need design and building advice. We can guide you on all timber frame matters, from groundwork and scaffolding specifications to complete project queries. Frame Technologies also provides detailed drawings for building regulation submissions to meet Building Regulations. Partnered with a private building control company, we manage building regulation applications across the UK.

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We can provide budget estimates for early stage planning or a full quotation based on detailed drawings. Just email or post your drawings and supporting information direct to us at Frame Technologies. If you are unsure as to what information you need to please contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process.