Custom Designed Timber Frame Home Offering an Open Plan Living Space

Birchfield title image


Ideally situated in Hereford’s green landscapes, the three-bed Birchfield cottage is nestled amongst tranquil walking and canoeing spots yet remains within easy reach of Hereford’s centre. The custom-designed timber-frame home spans across a plot of 160m2, offering an open-plan living space that is perfect for family and social gatherings

Frame Technologies designed and manufactured Birchfield’s high-quality timber frame using a breathable closed panel timber system to deliver sustainability benefits and enhanced performance. The system improves thermal bridging and minimises air leakage, ideal for this modern, energy-efficient home. Our fabric first approach enabled us to create a thermally efficient building envelope without relying on expensive energy-saving bolt-ons.


Project Type:
Detached House

TechVantage™ E system

Frame Technologies overcame structural challenges to ensure that the self-builder’s design was made possible, integrating an overhanging roof to form a porch area and huge bi-folding doors to create a spacious feel in the main living space. On top of this, the large-scale patio doors required a steel wind frame to accommodate the sizable span of the opening, which Frame Technologies erected along with the timber frame.

Frame Technologies manufactured metal web floors for the self-build to meet the brief’s requirements for a cost-effective, durable home solution. The metal web floors strengthen the lightweight timber frame, enabling the timber to act in place of steel or concrete while reaping thermal, acoustic and sustainability benefits. The precision-engineered metal web joists were cost-effective and quick to install, allowing unequalled design freedom when it came to selecting floor applications.