Convert an existing structural steel frame farm building into a domestic dwelling

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Leadon Dale

Nestled in an eight-acre field for grazing livestock, Frame Technologies created an energy-efficient timber system to convert a steel-framed agricultural barn and concrete yard into a sensitively integrated residential dwelling. Idyllically located in Herefordshire’s natural landscapes, the conversion offers a new home for a countryside family. Following the completion of the Leadon Dale barn conversion, the homeowners recommended Frame Technologies to a colleague who visited the site. As a result, they also commissioned Frame Technologies to complete their change of use barn conversion.

Initially, the homeowners were concerned because planning permission for an onsite residence was unlikely. However, with an application under Permitted Development Part Q for change of use on an existing agricultural building to one residential dwelling house, planning permission was granted.

Adopting a fabric first approach to ensure optimum energy efficiency, Frame Technologies created a unique timber solution to overcome challenges that the existing barn presented: the original steel framework needed to remain in situ and the original building dimensions could not be increased. Embracing the brief’s requirements, Frame Technologies integrated architectural drawings and additional client design requests to create a barn conversion that blends into its natural surroundings, retaining its agricultural theme using an innovative timber system and cement timber-effect cladding boards.


Project Type: 
Converted farm building

Tech-Vantage S

Frame Technologies created a TechVantage™ S system to convert the barn – historically used for winter housing of beef cattle and hay storage – into a homely residential dwelling. The TechVantage™ S system comprises a 140mm panel with glass mineral wool insulation that is tightly packed between a sheathing board and a wood fibre board. Inside the panel, a 25mm service batten is nailed to the OSB. The system uses a breathable wall principle with natural insulation, delivering a wall U-value of 0.14 W/m2K. The system’s excellent thermal properties are combined with the impressive solar gain from the south-facing glazing in this contemporary self-build conversion.