Winner of Build It Awards for Timber Frame Home of the Year

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The Hen House

Frame Technologies have worked on a variety of UK energy-efficient self-build projects, each bespoke and designed to meet individual requirements. Even with Frame Technologies’ extensive experience, The Hen House presented some major challenges.

To maximise the potential of offsite manufactured timber technology, Frame Technologies prefer to get involved during the early design stages. On this occasion, our specialist services were called upon when the project could not be achieved within budget using the traditional building methods proposed. Frame Technologies reviewed the building principles and proposed a hybrid-engineered solution that could be delivered within budget.


Project Type: 
Self-Build Project: Two-storey Passivhaus home

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The site is a tough one – a steep, wooded plot with a gradient of circa 50 degrees and a large proportion of the site area that is covered by a Tree Protection Order. Paul Testa Architecture decided to position the foundations on the lower portion of the site in the spot where the hens used live, hence the project name – The Hen House. From the road, this development appears to be single storey. However, as the building is built on a steep incline, only the true scale of the project can be seen from the rear.