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Made to Order

Frame Technologies will create preliminary drawings for your timber frame, which you will be able to approve before continuation. Please send us the finalised architect’s floor plans and section drawings in DWG format with a window and door schedule and information relating to thermal performance. Extra costs must also be confirmed at this stage so that they can be accommodated in the final design.

The approval of the preliminary design sets a ‘design freeze,’ which enables Frame Technologies to progress into the manufacturing stage. Any changes made after the design freeze will affect the delivery timescale and may incur additional costs. Final construction drawings are issued to the client for their records after completion of the erection and onsite handover.

Energy Efficiency (Fabric First Fit and Forget)

Investing in the self-build of an energy-efficient home comes with a wealth of thermal performance benefits that drastically reduce your long-term heating costs. Without hefty energy bills, you will have a bigger budget for premium-quality home expansions and a luxurious lifestyle. Reducing energy consumption is also a UK government priority – and, due to its natural insulating properties, timber is the ideal solution in the house building market.

Building energy-efficient homes is the first crucial step to reaching zero carbon, and a fabric first approach is one of the fastest and most cost-effective routes to achieving this. Fabric first solutions achieve energy efficiency through external building envelopes that do not rely on additional micro-renewable technologies. These solutions make self-build homes more affordable, practical and easy to maintain. They offer optimal thermal performance while saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Through an integrated fabric first approach, Frame Technologies ensure optimum U-Values, air tightness and thermal bridging. Lower U-Values lead to better insulation, and Frame Technologies’ innovative solutions achieve U-Values between 0.30 and less than 0.09W/m2K, meeting the minimum required U-Value of 0.30W/m2K in external walls of new build homes.

All UK residential buildings are assessed under Standard Assessment Procedures (SAP): our fabric first approach to energy efficiency enables tailored insulation solutions that comply with SAP and calculation requirements. Our timber frameworks are naturally insulating but can be combined with additional materials to improve insulation further. This enhancement reduces fuel consumption and improves climate care.

Frame Technologies’ experts are always on hand to help you identify the best energy-efficient timber solutions for your project. Contact us for tailored advice for your self-build home project.