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Technical Details

Our team are always on hand to help you with technical details:

Detailed Drawings

Before proceeding with your design, we require 1:50 scale drawings in electronic (.DWG files) or hard copy format. These should include floor plans, elevations, sections and a door and window schedule. We will use this information to produce timber frame drawings and structural calculations for submission to your Local Authority. If requested in writing at the order stage, we can also produce HB353B certificates for the NHBC.

Soleplate & Floor Components

Pre-cut and random soleplates for single layers and are available in 90mm x 38mm, 140mm x 38mm or as a double panel set up to fit your timber frame.  We will include the appropriately-sized DPC for fixing below the soleplates and proprietary straps. Alternatively, we will provide fixings for securing the soleplates to the slab or block up stand as specified by our engineer.  Customers should provide radon protection, which must be installed prior to the erection of the timber frame.

Pre-cut floor joists include trimmers, beams and blocking. Standard floor joists are available in 195mm x 45mm and 220mm x 45mm.  Engineered floor joists are available in depths of 225mm, 256mm or 304mm.

Floor cassettes are preassembled units that are available on request for projects that require shorter erection periods and have full access for crane erect.  We supply 22mm peel clean tongue and groove P5 chipboard with tape for joints and nail holes or 18mm OSB sub-deck for use with underfloor heating systems and soundproof floor applications.

External & Internal Panels

Frame Technologies use suppliers who source FSCĀ® and PEFC timber from well-managed forests for the manufacture of external panels. Openings for these factory-assembled open cell panels are formed, sheathed externally and factory-fitted with breather paper. Panels are secured with stainless steel staples on polypropylene tapes that indicate stud positions. Panel sizes are bespoke but are usually 2,414mm high to suit plasterboard sizes and 2400mm wide to enable manual erection. Stud centres are maximum 600mm to comply with our engineering requirements unless otherwise specified by our engineer. The external panels can be supplied in 90mm x 38mm, 140mm x 38mm or as our double panel system.

All internal panels are factory assembled with openings and usually measure at 90mm x 38mm. Walls may be sheathed with 9mm OSB for structural reasons, and head binders are supplied to fix to the head of panels, tying them together. These are supplied as pre-cut/random and are available in widths to suit any timber frame size.

Sheathing Board & Breather Paper Options

There is a sheathing board option to suit every client in our wide product range. You can also upgrade to Wood Fibre, a fibreboard that improves panel thermal performance. Frame Technologies supply two types of breather paper, TF 200 Corovin and the TF 200 Thermo foil for improved thermal performance.

Roof Components

Our variety of roof solutions can be integrated into most designs. Possibilities span from truss options to traditional cut roofs, to metal web rafters for roof application. We supply all structural members, gable ladders and metalwork in the formation of your roof design.

Erection to Completion

Our erection costs cover the mechanical handling of off-loading, distribution and erection of your timber frame, as well as fixings for the components of the erection of the timber frame. We can also provide stainless steel brick ties and fixing nails as an e/o cost, as well as proprietary closers at roof level, brickwork lintel and clips. Once the structure is ready for internal and external cladding, we will ensure all checks have been carried out and complete a handover procedure with the client before the final sign off. Our stringent quality control process ensures maximum safety and project excellence.

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