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Technology Options

Using technology in the fabrication of timber components is a huge motivation in achieving excellent energy efficiency, environmental best practice and Corporate Social Responsibility. Timber components are fabricated in factory-controlled environments to improve project efficiency, minimise waste and ensure faster, safer onsite working practices.

At the forefront of structurally insulated panel technology, Frame Technologies’ breathable closed panel systems are manufactured in a precision-controlled factory environment to ensure high-performance thermal insulation and exceptional U-Values, using fabric first technology to deliver exceptional energy-efficient building envelopes in our Standard and Premium series’.

TechVantage™ T  

TechVantage™ T is constructed using two 90mm studs with a 90mm separation, fully fitted with glass mineral wool insulation to improve airtightness levels,  U-Values ranging from 0.09 to 0.13 W/m2K and thermal bridging.

TechVantage™ S

TechVantage™ S is a 140mm panel with glass mineral wool insulation that is tightly packed between a sheathing board and a wood fibre board. Inside the panel, a 25mm service batten is nailed to the OSB. TechVantage™ S is based on a single panel system with U-Values ranging from 0.12 to 0.24 W/m2K.

TechVantage™ E

TechVantage™ E is a 140mm panel containing Rigid Poly Urethane Insulation, available in a range of depths to meet U-Value requirements. The panel has a 9mm OSB outer sheathing and either a vapour control layer or 20/25mm layer of insulation inside the panel with taped joints. Plasterboard can be screwed through the extra insulation or vapour control layer. There is a service zone gap between the insulation layers. The extra insulation is on a supply only basis. The traditional timber frame system offers factory-fitted rigid polyurethane insulation with a single frame 140mm panel solution and U-Values from 0.10 to 0.23 W/m2K.

Open Panel Solution

Open Panel Solution is a 140mm panel designed for glass wool insulation. The open panel is available on a supply only basis, has externally factory-fitted 9mm OSB and remains open internally. Once the insulation has been fitted, services can flow through before a vapour barrier and plasterboard are screwed to the timber studs.


Glulam structural timber provides a natural alternative to steel and concrete. Created by glueing thin laminates together to form strong, solid beams, glulam can be used as vertical, horizontal or curved beams. Glulam is suited to all types of building projects, particularly open plan design, and can be made to measure to almost any requirement. Glulam can span large distances without intermediate columns, enabling design flexibility. With our in-house design and manufacturing processes, we use the latest design software and processing machinery.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions comprise two or more timber systems and are designed to create ultimate structures that meet specific budget and performance requirements. Our Fabric First approach ensures thermal efficiency and vastly reduces the risk of gaps between predicted and ‘as built’ performance.

Metal Web Joists

Metal Web Joists strengthen lightweight timber, enabling timber to act as an alternative to steel or concrete and eliminating the need for load-bearing intermediate walls. Metal web joists expand the potential span of timber products, giving architects and designers unequalled design freedom across a range of floor and roof applications in domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Metal web joists are cost-effective, can be installed quickly and easily, are precision-engineered and can be used for floors, pitched and flat roofs.